Our Story

For years, my family was exposed to smoke and fumes while lighting using kerosene lamps, unaware of the effects that these dirty fuels would have on our health and wellbeing. In 2018, my grandmother died in a fire outbreak caused by a kerosene lamp and after spending extensive time implementing microfinance initiatives in rural Mayuge District, I knew firsthand the suffering arising from a lack of access energy in remote communities. In the same year 2018, I witnessed Annet (a widow) lose both her home and her son in the blink of an eye due to a kerosene lamp fire. This incident echoed countless stories shared by the women she was working with in their savings group, who seemed to have accepted a dangerous fate in the face of limited energy options.

Director and & staff member with solar light and water filter.
Director and & staff member with solar light and water filter.

I felt that even in the remotest areas of the world, renewable energy solutions could alleviate that suffering. While solar seemed like an obvious, scalable solution, there was a lack of awareness and distrust in solar products were a major barrier to adoption. I discovered that, approximately 4 million people die prematurely from illness attributed to household air pollution produced by inefficient energy sources. I learned about alternative energy sources during the burial of this Annet’s son. I was determined to improve the quality of life for low-income households in rural communities such that nobody else would have to face the pain and financial strain caused by pollutive fuels. All these stories beat me far but later inspired me to come up with Trust Energy Africa Limited

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