What We Do

We sell clean energy products, such as solar lanterns, low-emission stoves, briquettes, and water filters, to underserved communities in Uganda.

We work with community leaders and VSLA groups to hold education workshops, creating awareness of the benefits of clean energy products.

We work with customers and VSLA groups to offer customized installment payment plans through our innovative “Rent-to-Own” Model.

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Our Impact in Numbers


Customers To Date


Tonnes of CO2 Reduced


Ugandan Shillings Saved


Hours Exposed to Kerosene Reduced

meeting with villagers


Our mission is to replace dirty and expensive lighting and cooking solutions with sustainable energy alternatives for millions of people living without electricity in eastern Uganda.

Director and & staff member with solar light and water filter.


We envision a world where low-income
communities in Uganda have access to clean energy products that transform their health and socioeconomic outcomes and break the poverty cycle.

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